We are pleased to offer our CPD seminars 'Understanding Syphonic Drainage' and 'The design of a Syphonic Roof Drainage System' throughout the UK.

'Understanding Syphonic Drainage' provides a general introduction to syphonic drainage whilst our second seminar 'The design of a Syphonic Roof Drainage System' is a follow up which provides an in depth technical understanding. Completion of 'Understanding Syphonic Drainage' is strongly advised before attending 'The design of a Syphonic Roof Drainage System' seminar.

Please note: The Fullflow syphonic system is most suitable for roof sizes in excess of 3000m2, for this reason we do not market the system to the domestic housing sector. Enquiries regarding smaller roof sizes (drained syphonically) are assessed on an individual basis to ensure maximum value & efficiency. Please contact Fullflow for further details.

1. 'The design of a Syphonic Roof Drainage System'

Technical understanding of Syphonic Drainage

This seminar describes the principles and advantages of syphonic drainage in comparison with traditional roof drainage systems and offers an in depth explanation of the design parameters and hydraulic principles used in preparing a suitable system.

  • Roof Drainage Systems
  • Conventional Rainwater Drainage Systems
  • Operation of a Syphon
  • Design requirements of a syphonic system
  • Hydraulic principles
  • Why Use Syphonic Systems?

The seminars can be held at your premises, ideally at lunch time. Following the seminar sandwiches/cakes and refreshments can be provided. Upon completion of the seminar all attendees are presented with a certificate to confirm participation.

2. 'Why do roofs flood?'

An investigation in to the reasons why a roof area may flood

The presentation explores the reasons why roof areas may occasionally flood. Based on a number of previous forensic investigations, the seminar highlights the potential issues which may result in the flooding of roof areas.


It looks at subjects such as:


  • Specification,
  • Maintenance,
  • Underground pipework,
  • Changes to pipework configuration,
  • System installation,
  • Overflow provision,
  • Uneven gutters,


Duration of seminar – 1 hour (including questions)

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