Fullflow attend the Latin America Airport Expansion Summit

Posted on: 8th Dec 2015

Rosario Cristobo, Our International Sales Manager along with the Martyn Bramhall, Group Technical Manager recently attended the Latin America Airport Expansion Summit in Bogota, Colombia. This forum provided an opportunity for Fullflow to share their knowledge and experience in providing roof drainage solutions for some of the worlds modern airports.

Martyn, presented a paper entitled 'Draining the Imaginable' to approximately of 50 delegates from all around the world. The presentation went on to describe how as the roofs of modern buildings, especially airports, become more complex due to the imagination of the architect. The challenges which the roof design generates with regards to drainage can be just as interesting.

Many tried and tested engineering elements all come together in order to construct the fabric of the airport buildings. However, when the challenge of enhancing the customer experience occurs, often innovative and ground breaking technologies are required in the passenger areas. One such feature is the route which rainwater pipes take when draining water from often complex and novel roof designs to the underground sewer systems. People do not like to see pipework, Architects do not like see pipework.

During a rainstorm water needs to be drained from the roof area efficiently and effectively without airport customers giving a second thought as to how this occurs. Exposed pipework and rainwater downpipes can make a beautiful building look ugly, for this reason architects and designers attempt to hide the pipes. However, the low points on a roof collect the rainwater and historically have dictated the location of the pipework. Additionally the noise generated by these pipes which flow part filled during a rainstorm, draws further the attention of customers.

In modern times, roof drainage specialist have returned to ancient hydraulic principles in order to effectively remove rainwater from contemporary, complex and innovative roofs designs. The principle of draining water through syphons has been adopted by Architects such as HOK Architecture, Richard Rogers and Norman Foster, allowing their creativity and inspiration to create some of the most iconic and award winning airport terminals in the world.