Next Distribution Warehouse, Doncaster

Posted on: 20th Jan 2016

The ability to drain to one point and designing the pipes to flow syphonically underground provided many benefits to the client

Next Distribution Centre, Doncaster.

During the execution of this project the experienced Fullflow team of designers and installers solved many challenges.
Through considered design and by offering the client a number of solutions to their drainage issues, the Fullflow design team were able to propose a final scheme which included extending the syphonic systems underground.

As a result of using the Fullflow design expertise, the client benefitted from considerable cost savings and design advantages including: all rainwater drained to one area of the building, the underground pipes laid level (no slope), a fully sealed drainage system from roof to recycling pond etc.

The height of the building required that Fullflow fully utilised the skill and experience of the installation teams. Conversely, the installation of the underground pipework required a different skill set to that of installing at high level. It was a challenge our installation teams savoured and the systems were successfully installed, tested and encased in concrete all to the satisfaction of the client.

These issues along with many others which were experienced day to day were overcome by Fullflows professional and customer focused business approach as well as teamwork and communication throughout the project.

Project Details

175 Fullflow syphonic rainwater outlets drain a total roof area of approximately 64000m2. The peak rainwater run off of 3520 litres per second flows through 22 specifically designed syphonic systems that comprise of almost 3.5 miles of fusion welded, fully sealed polyethylene pipe work.

To give you an example of the magnitude of this rate of flow and the efficiency of the syphonic roof drainage systems, the total amount of rainwater run off during the peak storm would take less than 12 minutes to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.