Record rainfall provides no challenge for Fullflow Group

Posted on: 6th Jan 2016

Latest statistics from the Met Office show that December 2015 was the wettest calendar month on record. A total of 230mm of rainfall was measured across the UK with Scotland (351mm) and Wales (359mm) baring the front of the deluge.

To illustrate just how wet December was the total amount of rainwater which fell onto the roof of the average UK semi-detached house during the month of December was 12650 litres, that’s 22261 pints. If such values of rainwater runoff are generated by the relatively small roof area of the average semi, consider the volumes of water collected by the large roofs areas of buildings such as a warehouse or superstore.

Climate change is happening now and the unprecedented rainfall and resultant flooding has become an all too painful reality across the UK. With rainfall volumes predicted to increase further, the pressure to specify drainage solutions that tackle the effects now and into the future is growing.

Over the last 30 years Fullflow Group has installed over 100,000 syphonic roof drainage systems all across the UK. Carefully designed by our technical team each system is bespoke to a particular building providing drainage protection to both occupiers and contents.

During the exceptional rainfall events of December there were no reported leaks from of any of the 100,000 installed Fullflow systems. The modular fabrication of the systems, along with the watertight methods of joining pipes on site, ensures that the Fullflow syphonic roof drainage systems operate during in the most arduous conditions.