Fullflow provide a full BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved design service in accordance with BS EN 12056: 2000 part 3. Each design solution is tailored to suit your specific requirement. Fullflow have been instrumental in the advancement of syphonic drainage technology and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this field. There are numerous key factors to consider when specifying a syphonic system; the following Codes of Practice / Regulation have an influence on system design:

  • BS EN 12056 part 3, 2000 - Gravity drainage systems inside buildings.
  • DIN 8074:2011 – Polyethylene pipes, dimensions.
  • DIN 8075:2011 – Polyethylene pipes, general quality and testing.
  • BS EN 1519-1:2019 Plastic piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure - Polyethylene (PE)
  • NBS R10 Specification.
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015 - Design, Manufacture & Installation.
  • Building Regulations section H.
  • BBA Accreditation 96/3279 Second Issue.
  • WIS 4-32-08 issue 2 – Specification for site fusion jointing of PE80 & PE100 pipe and fittings June 2016.

For further information and detailed design criteria please download the PDF brochure ‘Syphonic Drainage Explained’ or request a hard copy of the brochure. Alternatively contact Fullflow on Tel: 0114 247 3655 / +34 666 538 331.

Fullflow currently have products within NBS Plus related to the following clauses

               121 Syphonic Rainwater Drainage System

               365 Proprietary Rainwater Outlets

               415 HDPE Pipework for internal use

               605 installation

               630 Installing Rainwater Outlets

               670 Installing Syphonic Drainage Pipework

Should you not have access to the NBS system, the Fullflow specification may be found below: