Why Fullflow?

Fullflow provide a complete turnkey service embracing design, manufacture, installation and project management.

Having been instrumental in the advancement of syphonic drainage technology Fullflow has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this field. We have successfully installed over 300,000 systems across the world and worked alongside renowned Architects Foster & Partners and Richard Rogers on prestigious projects such as The Great Court at the British Museum and Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid.  Please visit our case study section for further details.

Fullflow are the only UK syphonic drainage company to have gained BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in addition to British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval.

There are many reasons why you should specify Fullflow with complete peace of mind; below is a list of a few key benefits:

  • Full turnkey service embracing design, manufacture,installation and project management
  • 30 years experience in rainwater drainage 
  • 12 year design warranty available
  • Large, experienced design team able to provide cost-effective design solutions for all applications and a professional approach to problem-solving.
  • Fully trained and experienced installation teams
  • BBA approval and BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • The syphonic system features a fully engineered railing system which minimises the risk of pipe movement and possible damage to joints.
  • The railing system is fixed to pipework in a QA-controlled, factory environment and not on site.
  • Flexible working hours - willingness to work at night and/or at weekends to suit customer needs
  • Total commitment to Health and Safety - excellent record
  • Top quality Polyethylene pipe is used in order to eliminate possibility of distortion and/or implosion. Other metallic pipe materials are available if required.
  • Ability to provide accurate and cost-effective solutions for complex building designs
  • Financial stability – part of SWP Group Ltd.

Further reasons to choose Fullflow

Support Service

Fullflow’s technical staff are always on hand to offer clients advice at every stage and can offer help on system type selection, flow calculations, pipe routing etc. Whatever your enquiry we will endeavour to help you. Please contact us via email info@uk.fullflow.com or info@fullflow.es alternatively call +44 (0)114 247 3655.

Quality & Accreditation

All Fullflow’s drainage systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with its BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality accredited system. Fullflows syphonic system carries full BBA approval, meaning that it has been subject to rigorous independent inspection. Design team engineers are technically qualified and development engineers undertake research up to and including PhD level. All installation teams are required to complete stringent training programmes to ensure Fullflow’s demanding quality standards are maintained.

Research & Development

Our on-going research and development programme is focused on driving through product enhancement so that further benefits can be passed on to the customer. The programme covers areas such as outlet design, flow characteristics of pipework systems and the optimisation of outlet location. At all times our focus is on the provision of a high quality, high efficiency system offering value for money.

Understanding Syphonic Drainage CPD Seminar

We are pleased to offer our RIBA approved CPD seminar ‘Understanding Syphonic Drainage’ throughout the UK and Ireland. The presentation contains detailed information on the development of syphonic rainwater systems, how they operate and the associated advantages of a syphonic system.

Benefits of a Fullflow Syphonic Rainwater Drainage System

  • Syphonic systems require fewer outlets and downpipes than a gravity equivalent.
  • Design flexibility / aesthetically pleasing designs - Collection mains can be routed horizontally throughout the building, no 
    need for pipes to be fitted on a gradient.
  • Saves money - Up to 80% less downpipes and fewer outlets 
    required, resulting in reduced materials and minimal groundwork.
  • Complete control over downpipe discharge location gives 
    increased design and programme flexibility.
  • Rainwater harvesting - Rainwater can be easily routed to collection tanks for future recycling e.g. irrigation, fire ponds and sanitation.
  • Greater performance - pipes are designed to run 100% full of water at high velocity. A single Fullflow syphonic downpipe drains up to 8 times the flow of an equivalent single gravity downpipe.
  • Reduced installation time - Up to 80% less downpipes 
    required and fewer outlets required, resulting in reduced 
    materials and minimal groundwork. 
  • Acceleration of construction programme due to reduced 
    installation time.
  • Syphonic systems are self-cleansing because of high flow 
    rates, thereby minimising maintenance costs.
  • Pipe diameters are generally smaller than traditional alternatives due to full volume discharge
  • Designs can be varied to cater for a range of specifier requirements (for example protection levels & pipe specification)
  • Downpipes are generally located inside buildings which provides visual enhancement in the majority of situations
Feature Advantage Benefit
Primaflow - High Velocity Drainage of Water Up to 80% Fewer Downpipes Required Reduced Installation Time
Up to 80% Fewer Downpipes Required Less Underground Drainage Work Required Saves Time & Money
Pipes Can Be Fitted Horizontally No Need For Pipes To Be Fitted On Gradient Design Flexibility
BBA Approved Third Party Certification Peace Of Mind
Primaflow - High Velocity Drainage of Water Fewer Outlets Required Saves Money
Engineered Railing System Supports and Restrains Pipe Expansion Peace Of Mind, Saves Time & Money
Primaflow - High Velocity Drainage of Water A Syphonic Downpipe Drains Up To 8 Times The Flow Of An Equivalent Gravity Downpipe Greater Performance
Up to 80% Fewer Downpipes Required Problems With Detorioration Of Underground Drainage Systems Minimised Saves Time & Money
Completely Enclosed Pipework System Water Can Be Easily Routed To Collection Tanks For Recycling, Irrigation, Fire Ponds & Sanitation Environmentally Friendly
Simplistic & Appealing Design Fewer Connections To Cladding And Structure Aesthetically Pleasing
Design, Product and Installation Is Backed By A Twelve Year Guarantee Continual Service & Support Peace Of Mind
Installation Is Carried Out By Directly Trained And Certified Operatives Skilled, High-Quality Installation Work Peace Of Mind, Saves Time
Complete Turnkey Package - Design, Manufacture, Installation & Support Service Single Point Of Contact - "One Stop Shop" Total Solution Providers
Over 300,000 Fullflow Syphonic Systems Installed Worldwide Knowledge & Experience Peace Of Mind
CAD and DXF Drawing Downloads Available Easy To Specify Saves Time
Off-Site Pre-Fabrication Of Pipework (Into Six-Metre Lengths) Virtually No Packaging Required - Minimal Waste Environmentally Friendly
Primacalc - Analytical Design Software Detailed & Precise Solutions Guaranteed Rainfall Intensity Capacity
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Approval Recognised Quality Certification Peace Of Mind